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Friday, August 30, 2013

Drop Dead Syria-US lies... Seriously?!

As our country unravels and the seams of our collective fabric diminish,
I wonder what it would take for me to unplug myself from this matrix.
Unplug, defragment, and repopulate my temple (and the space between our temples)
With forces for peace and dreams manifested.  Not a warrior squandered on some political battlefield.
What has happened in the past is all pointing to exactly this moment in time, and to demonize the past dampers the power of our future.  The past is not something you run from it is part of you.

 Our imaginations are controlled by ancient and beautiful symbols that have been corrupted and have spoiled the work ethics of the very foundations on which our country stands...
So Where Do We Stand?  Liberty has become something that we all scratch our heads at and wonder... "well what happened to that?"

For all the newly appointed Purple Hearts that are growing rapidly in this country don't know what to do with their bleeding love.  And it is this surge of violet radiation that burns like the sun, hurts like sheer hell, and holds the keys to leadership.  The red party disagrees with the blue party and neither see eye to eye.  Violet must be gently Fierce and ready to Pierce those uninitiated hearts and prepare them for the battle of our souls.

Who owns this country?  Who owns the land?  Is it ours, and yours?  Or is it theirs and them?
I'm willing to bet that everything you do you do for someone you love, or you battle with the addictions from an uneven deal, but in your hearts there is more.  Lately, it seems like this door is closing in on reality, and forcing everyone to wake up.  But sadness overcomes us.  We feel guilty for not doing something before.   We grapple with these huge power forces all around us and feel insignificant.  We become suicidal.  We lash out in pain.  We get lost in our own subconscious and push repeat because we are creatures of habit, space, and comfort.

Why are Americans having trouble sleeping at night?  It's probably all the souls and the blood on our hands.  We are desperate for peace, but we stay in our homes for fear of the unknown.

Hold fast, and instead of riding the waves, let's start making some of our own.

If you care to share the things that make you want to be even (different from revenge--getting even is super fair.) please posts your thoughts and feelings, or email me at

With grace and poise,

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