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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Celtic Dragon Tarot Draw

Expanded Celtic Cross Spread

{{1:The Inquirer}} 9 of Wands~A Pause

{{2:Helpful Forces}} 2 of Wands~Focus Will & Energy

{{3:Opposing Forces}} 10 of Swords (rev.)~Abrupt and necessary Re-evaluation

{{4:Present Happenings}} 4 of Swords (rev.)~Critical exhaustion

{{5:Subconscious Feelings}} The Moon~Dreams, Intuition

{{6:Past Influences}} Death(rev.)~Destruction through renewal

{{7:Possible Immediate Future}} Knight of Cups~Unexpected Pleasant Times

{{8:Fears & Attitudes}} Knight of Pentacles (rev.)~Focus on Hard Work

{{9:Influences from Family&Friends}} The Lovers (rev.)~Fall in Love with your own body, it needs to be restored

{{10:Results of Actions & Thoughts}} Page of Cups~Message of Love

{{11:Final Outcome}} The Fool (rev.)~Fresh Start, be present-oriented

{{12:Drawing on #11}} 7 of cups (rev.)~Trust Your Gut, find inner answers, make decisions, take action

{{13:Drawing on #11}} The Wheel (rev.)~Constant Changes, Go with the Flow

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

mind the gap

to the gaping wound and voracious monster greedily hiding under my skin and the enemy of myself:
you are capable of achieving anything.
you are the muck and the mire that can be composted to make the most fertile of soil.
i know it is hard for you to believe, but you can sustain every single emotion you have ever lived through, while continuing to be graceful and receptive to even more feelings.
you are a deep and endless void, like the vacuum of space.  where the clear healing quality of your one true voice will come bubbling out of the stillness.
i know you feel buried beneath the weight of the planet's problems-like a deep, embedded dragon egg hidden underneath the crusts of the earth, ever shifting at the slightest tremor.
i know the sadness you feel when you are about to erupt.
scared of the unknown
i know how you long for the earth to be as still as you are to listen to that one true voice
scared sacred sacrificed sanctified

but you cannot force yourself to stop feeling the tremors.
you cannot force your voice to come through the darkness if you are cast among the fault-lines.
you cannot force other people to listen to your views, no matter how accurate they may be, or how loudly you yell, scream, and fight.

but you can stop blaming yourself for the tremor triggers.
you can stop pointing toward the gaping wound that you cannot fill.
you can stop feeling the burden of proof, because you have already proven yourself to me.
you can let go of guilt.  you can let go of shame.
you can stop feeling sad for people who want violence--for your thoughts and your anger will only stir them more.

you can start riding the tumultuous waves and feel their power catapult you toward your goals
you can rest assured and look within when you are feeling empty and find fulfillment inside
you can easily balance light and dark, masculine and feminine, the polar opposites of the magnetic forces within you and your body when you just pause, and refrain from explaining away the magic.

you will be able to find your voice again
and when you are whole,
your voice will feed the world.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cassadee Pope Takes Over the Papacy!

Attention Vatican City, THE VATICAN:
We Have elected a new Pope and her name is Cassadee!  Enjoy @:-)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Push Pause?

Can everyone just stop spinning around for one second, and breathe?

I wonder what would happen if the whole world took one collective breath.  Would storms annihilate war on society's group ex-hale?  If we blinked; can we re-twinkle the light of peace and serenity to just appreciate being alive?  Would everyone just hug themselves instead of reaching for a gun of "freedoom" blasting our their counterparts?

Can we drop our judgements of each other, blaming one side or the other, and truly make the grass greener on this new side of the glass door?  Can society own it's shadow, dance with its details and exhilarate on the common basis of mutual ecstasy?

Can someone please speak in a presidential debate about the things that we actually talk about in our garages and sidewalks?  Why is everyone a price tag?  Since when was it okay to treat humans like dollar bills, and how can that be changed to at least see the real value instead of the fake veneer sliding through smarmy teeth of media moguls and aristocrats?

I've had it.  Can we all please sit down with each other and recreate our America?  ...Our Global Politics ... and our Media...

I feel like I need to gather up all the yonis in the country to help me figure this out.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Picking Up the Pieces

Trying again with the blog thing.

My name, for the sake of internetz-world, and any number of people or robots that might come across the words flying across it, is Portia Confidential.  :-D  Safety is important to my Mom.

Who is Portia?  She is the goddess of Justice.  She carries the scales in her hands.  I personally identify with this symbolism very much so, because by birth I am a double libra, and I feel that I am trying to play in a world with an uneven field.  I'd like to make that field more even, if I can.  I am consciously attempting to become better.  Here is a cool nifty link to Portia here...(opens in a new window....if you actually read this page, I'd Love to hear your thoughts.)